At Croy D. Yee Architect Ltd., architecture is undertaken as a complex endeavour, requiring careful orchestration not only to satisfy long-term functional needs, but to express the spirit and aspirations of those functions, and enhance and animate the spaces occupied. Buildings are designed to respond and contribute to the context of their urban, rural or natural setting. And environmental stewardship is made explicit through the design process – from site selection to conceptual development and the specification of detailed components.

Croy D. Yee Architect Ltd. brings over 35 years of professional practice to a project as the successor firm to Anthony K. Eng Architect Ltd. The careful attention to detail, and thorough devotion to development of a limited number of projects at one time, continues as it has done since inception in 1980. With completed work ranging from large-scale institutional and commercial facilities to single-family houses and interior renovations, and clients in both private and public sectors, we have a wealth of architectural consultation experience to draw upon.

We have responded to the challenge of maintaining high professional standards in a fluctuating economy and cost-dominated industry by committing to delivering our service, expertise and productivity to the client in a responsive and resourceful manner. To this end, a principal architect has been made available at all times or on very short notice, for consultation as necessary throughout the development of every project. Conceptual and detailed design are given particular emphasis, as they are the primary determinants of long-term user satisfaction. The importance and respect accorded to the problems, needs and aspirations of each individual project begin with the establishment of an intimate dialogue with the client/user and the ability to listen to all concerns expressed.

The team, consisting of 2 registered architects, an intern architect and 3 architectural technologists, are all engaged in a process of continuing education in order to bring the highest standard of technical expertise and performance to a project. Additional sub-consultant resources have also been engaged on past projects as required to ensure schedules are successfully maintained.