Croy Yee Portrait
Croy Yee Action

Croy Yee
Project Lead

Croy Yee has worked on the detailed development of many significant projects since graduating with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Manitoba in 1981. Projects include various scales of stand-alone buildings, renovations and additions, tenant improvements, feasibility and space program studies, low-energy and energy-innovative designs.

His experience encompasses the range of tasks from space programming and site planning through conceptual and detailed design to project commissioning. He has provided design and contract administration services, functional programming and facility evaluations for education, health care, and institutional facilities in various regions of Alberta for over 30 years.

Croy has participated in national energy-focused design competitions and is familiar with strategies for attaining LEED certification, having completed several LEED and other projects for energy-saving certification programs. Recent experience includes several successful submissions to the Edmonton Design Committee.


1977 – Bachelor of Environmental Studies, University of Manitoba
1981 – Master of Architecture, University of Manitoba

Professional Affiliations

1983 – Member, Alberta Association of Architects
1983 – Member, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada


1980 – Apprentice Architect, Da Roza Architects
1980 – Teaching Assistant, University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture
1981 – Design / Project Architect, Anthony K. Eng Architect Ltd.
1990 – Principal, Anthony K. Eng Architect Ltd.
2008 – Principal, Croy D. Yee Architect Ltd.

Professional Volunteer Experience

2009 - Present – Mentor, RAIC Syllabus
2010 - Present – Mentor, AAA Intern Program


Gordon Chan Portrait
Gordon Chan Action

Gordon Chan
Project Architect

Gordon Chan has a broad base of experience in design, construction detailing, contract administration and related fields of industrial and graphic design. He has gained practical experience in the offices of Anthony K. Eng Architect Ltd. and Croy D. Yee Architect Ltd. since 2007.

Gordon brings notable strengths to the project development process including focused attention to details (in terms of both functionality and constructibility), wayfinding and signage needs, and communicating solutions to user groups. He has provided both primary as well as secondary support on a variety of projects ranging from facility condition and code reviews, to interior renovations, stand-alone buildings site planning. Gordon has worked on projects ranging in scale from $15,000 to $50M in construction cost.


2000 – Bachelor of Design, University of Alberta
2010 – Master of Architecture, University of Manitoba

Professional Affiliations

2015 – Member, Alberta Association of Architects


2003 - 2006 – Graphic Designer / Technologist, Edmonton Tent and Awning
2007 - 2008 – Technologist, Anthony K. Eng Architect Ltd.
2008 - 2015 Intern Architect, Croy D. Yee Architect Ltd.
- Present – Project Architect, Croy D. Yee Architect Ltd.


Mareko Gaoboe Portrait
Mareko Gaoboe Action

Mareko Gaoboe
Intern Architect

Mareko Gaoboe graduated in 2011 from the Master of Architecture program at the University of Dalhousie. The cooperative study program involved apprenticeship at a number of professional architectural practices. Since then, he has worked on design and feasibility studies, new stand-alone buildings, tenant improvements, and renovations of various types and scales.

Mareko contributes a broad range of skills on a project, from site investigation through design, detailing, and contract administration phases. He is proficient in the use of AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, Sketchup, CoreDraw, Photoshop and various other visualization and drafting programs. Most recently, he was involved in completing the tender documents as well as their administering the contract for several healthcare renovation projects. He is currently completing the requirements for qualification as a Registered Architect.


2007 – Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies, Dalhousie University
2011 – Master of Architecture, Dalhousie University

Professional Affiliations

2011 – Intern, Alberta Association of Architects


2013 - 2014 – Techologist, Intern Architect, Frank Hilbich Architecture Inc.
2014 - 2015 – Intern Architect, Voshell Architecture and Design Inc.
2015 - Present – Intern Architect, Croy D. Yee Architect Ltd.


Jostein Haugland Portrait
Jostein Action

Jostein Haugland
Senior Technologist + Field Inspector

Jostein Haugland has over 30 years of experience as designer, technologist, and project manager, supplementing his formal training from the Architecture program at the University of Manitoba and the RAIC Syllabus program (currently in Level 9). He has participated in the detailed design and contract administration of many large-scale institutional (hospitals, schools) recreational and residential projects in Alberta. His resume includes being the job captain – supervising and coordinating production of construction documents – for the $78 million Diagnostic Treatment centre at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, $25M addition to the Misericordia Hospital, large-scale renovations at Queen Elizabeth High School and Jasper Place High School in Edmonton, and numerous schools and school renovations in Stony Plain, Bon Accord, Namao and other locations in and out of Alberta.

Jostein vast knowledge and experience lends efficiency and rigour to the entire project development process, providing an additional level of review for Building Code compliance, coordination of sub-consultants, envelope detailing and quality control through site inspections. Currently a full-time staff member, he has provided contract work for Croy D. Yee and Anthony K. Eng since 1996.


1977 – Bachelor of Environmental Studies, University of Manitoba
1986 – Bachelor of Arts in Urban Geography, University of Alberta
Present – Diploma in Architecture (Level 9 Design), RAIC Syllabus


1978 - 1980 – Technologist, Wayne Scott Architects
1980 - 1985 – Technologist, J. Stewart Robertson Architect
1985 - 1987 – Senior Structural Technologist, Design Group Ltd.
1987 - 1989 – Senior Technologist, UAMA Engineering Ltd.
1989 - 1990 – Senior Technologist, Roman Kujath Architects
1990 - 1993 – Senior Technologist + Contract Administrator, Wensley Spotowski
Architectural Group
1990 - 1993 – Senior Structural Technologist + Contract Administrator, Jacobsen Hage Engineering / Marc Bois Architect
2000 - Present – Director, Parallax Design Ltd.
2011 - Present – Senior Technologist + Field Inspector, Croy D. Yee Architect Ltd.


Jehona Portrait
Jehona Action

Jehona Krasniqi
Senior Technologist

Jehona Krasniqi has prepared architectural construction drawings for a wide variety of project types and scales in Alberta (at the offices of Anthony K. Eng and Croy D. Yee) since graduating from Architectural Technology at NAIT in 2003. She has taken courses in Project Management and is conversant with the use of Revit for 3D presentations, animations and detailing.

Jehona’s relevant experience includes 2 years working on institutional projects in Europe, and as primary technologist on institutional facilities in Edmonton, and various towns in northern Alberta. She has completed the formal requirements for designation as a LEED Green Associate, and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Technology program at NAIT.


2003 – Architectural Technology Diploma, NAIT

Professional Affiliations

2006 – Member, ASET


2004 - 2007 – Technologist, Anthony K. Eng Architect Ltd.
2008 - 2010 – Technologist, Murseli Architects & Partners
2010 - Present – Technologist, Croy D. Yee Architect Ltd.


Levi Desjarlais Portrait
Levi Desjarlais Action

Levi Desjarlais
Architectural Technologist

Levi Desjarlais has gained valuable experience working in a number of architectural and engineering consultant firms since graduating from the Architectural Technology program at NAIT in 2009.

Levi has prepared graphic presentations, construction drawings, and contract administration documents for a wide range of institutional, commercial and residential projects. He recently completed the construction documents for the renovations and upgrades at a number of healthcare facilities.


2009 – Architectural Technology Diploma, NAIT


2009 - 2010 – Technologist, Manasc Isaac Architects Ltd.
- 2012 – Technologist, KSJ Engineering Ltd.
2012 - 2014 – Technologist, Civeo Structures Inc.
2016 - Present – Technologist, Croy D. Yee Architect Ltd.